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How to get a custom clan tag

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Hello Near-Reality players,


On our old server people started making clans here and there to PK/PVM in wilderness & safe zones, I created this topic to inform you that you can get your own custom made clan tag for In-Game by the Owners, Adam and I.


The requirements for getting a tag are:


* You have to create a clan recruitment thread. (Clan recruitment threads often contain information about the clan, such as it being Pvp or Pvm based and so on.)

Make a clan recruitment thread here


* A clan roster has to be made and included in the clan recruitment thread. (This is basically a list containing all of the clan members, some Clans choose to have clan ranks such as general and so on)


Here's an example of what it can look like:


(Clan Signature)



(Leader Name)



(General Name)



(Member name)


*The clan must have at least 5 members in the roster to receive a tag.


The time it takes to receive the clan tag varies a bit with how much the Owner, including I, have on our plate. If all requirements are met it shouldn't take long at all.

If you have any additional questions you are as always more than welcome to ask.





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