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Most Efficient Runecrafting Guide

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So you want 99 Runecrafting?

Going through this guide will show you the quickest / most efficient ways to train up to level 99 prestige 5!

We'll start off with the basics


All your teleports will be in the teleportation menu -> Skilling -> Runecrafting

How to get rune essence

You can either purchase them from other players 


AFK mine rune essence in teleportation menu -> Skilling -> Rune Essence

After acquiring rune essence we'll start gaining XP!

Best Rune Altars to use

Level 1-35 Air Rune


Level 35-54 Chaos Rune


Level 54-65 Law Rune


Level 65-77 Death Rune


Level 77-99 Blood Rune


I hope you enjoyed my guide, if you have any further questions dont hesitiate to respond to this post or message me ingame 🙂

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