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Music - Favorite artists etc

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I had to start a music topic as it's probably the biggest thing to my life and I need more songs recommending so this is probably my main reason for making it. :D

Personally I am into all genres of music, some genres I don't like as much for example rap/grime (Don't understand the hype over Drake etc) and being from England kinda has an influence with some genres not being so big here.

Its hard to pick my favorite musician but i definitely know my favorite band of all time is Linkin Park as i grew up with them and still listen to them repeatedly now.

For a single musician I would probably say EDEN is my favorite currently but of all time i don't have a clue.

My favorite song right now is probably: Stephen - Crossfire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH4F1Tdb040

So what kind of music do you like and please list songs in replies - I would appreciate it a lot <3

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It is impossible for me to list favourite bands, songs, artists. Music is my life and I couldn't possibly be here without it. 

However, my most recently listened to was Days N' Dayz, Knocked Loose, EDEN, and Vanna.

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Woo EDEN! Won't lie i haven't heard of any of the others

Yeah it is pretty tough to decide on favorites.. I just keep finding new songs each day which make me forget about other musicians/songs.


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