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  1. Staff Update - 04/28/2018

    Welcome to the team Mitch, gz to those who where promoted
  2. medic here

    Glad to have you join us bud welcome 😜
  3. Hello World

    Welcome bro
  4. This was needed

    Hello Noob
  5. Updates of 04/12/2018

    Awesome work
  6. :)

    Good to be working beside you again bud will be good future ahead 🤩
  7. Dripz Introduction

    Hey NearReality Community Hi There! My Name is Dripz, i'm 18 years old. Some of you may know me from Past Servers i have played and been staff on and Im glad to be here Im a good laugh make peoples bad days into good days will always put a smile on Y'all faces and in general just the Good person. As we speak Im Staff on This server and willing to Bring my Experience from what i have learned through out the years of me being staff on Servers to the Table And hope to meet Y'all in game really soon. Now A little something about myself I live in Scotland and actually Training to be a class 1 Hgv driver Been around Lgv/hgv's most of my life since a wee guy and its something im Interested in taking on, Im a call of duty player have been for years and always will be :P, at the age of 17 i have exactly 3 licences, passed my Driving test on july 12th 2017 and my counterbalance forklift on September 9th 2017 Reach forklift October 12th 2017 Passed my Hgv theroy test January the 16th 2018, I was bad in school didn't really care about anything tbh as what i want to do as a job doesn't need nat 5 exams all that haha. Nice to meet you all Thanks for Reading Dripz
  8. Hello all!

    hello bud
  9. Rebirth of Near Reality

    Can’t wait 🤩
  10. Updates of 04/01/2018

    Awesome work guys 👌