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  1. Hey all <3 I have already started looking at specific skills so i was wondering if there was anyone who wanted to start doing skill guides - If so please say so as I will happily help - I know many people find them quite pointless as most people will know what to do for each skill at specific levels etc to get the best experience. I will most likely do plain guides and get the point right away .
  2. Music - Favorite artists etc

    Woo EDEN! Won't lie i haven't heard of any of the others Yeah it is pretty tough to decide on favorites.. I just keep finding new songs each day which make me forget about other musicians/songs.
  3. Games that you grew up with

    Ooo fable, i remember one of my friends playing it consistently but i never had a chance to play it myself.. That is something i forgot, i literally got PS1 and PS2 and stopped with consoles, i just stuck to Runescape/RSPS and then outside life. And see my sister was always playing pokemon but again i never really bothered with it, i loved watching things like Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh on tv though, i miss them tbf
  4. Rebirth of Near Reality

    I would say I am excited for the return of NR but its my first experience with it.. I don't know what to expect but that just makes it more exciting right
  5. Music - Favorite artists etc

    I had to start a music topic as it's probably the biggest thing to my life and I need more songs recommending so this is probably my main reason for making it. Personally I am into all genres of music, some genres I don't like as much for example rap/grime (Don't understand the hype over Drake etc) and being from England kinda has an influence with some genres not being so big here. Its hard to pick my favorite musician but i definitely know my favorite band of all time is Linkin Park as i grew up with them and still listen to them repeatedly now. For a single musician I would probably say EDEN is my favorite currently but of all time i don't have a clue. My favorite song right now is probably: Stephen - Crossfire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH4F1Tdb040 So what kind of music do you like and please list songs in replies - I would appreciate it a lot <3
  6. Games that you grew up with

    I have made this just to see what kind of games people played and actually made them start getting into video games etc Personally I have never been much of a gamer, I have always been addicted to sport or too occupied by YouTube.. Really if i never found RuneScape I never would have started gaming at all... The RSPS scene is basically 99% of my gaming life now which is quite fun. Of course i had the odd few games like crash bandicoot, sonic, spyro etc So what games did you grow up with/games that started off your gaming addiction?
  7. Introducing Asuna!

    Nice to see you back again Welcome to the team
  8. Welcoming Myself :D

    Thank you all <3
  9. Welcoming Myself :D

    Hello all <3 I am making a short introduction so people can ask questions and get to know me in-game or through discord etc. In-Game Name - Illusion (Known as DS-Adam or RF-Adam by others) My actual name is obviously Adam and i am 19 years old. I am from England so GG to the UK lot <3 I will be the forum-administrator and administrator in-game throughout the Near-Reality server. I wouldn't really say i have much hobbies except for playing basketball, watching YouTube and of course the odd few Netflix or TV series. Well this is me, excited to see you all in-game unless you support Manchester United then not so much. - Illusion PS - Riverdale is amazing