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  1. Updates of 04/23/2018

    Sweet updates. Keep it up my man.
  2. Introducing Asuna!

    I have known you for awhile. Glad to have you around mate :D!
  3. Welcoming Myself :D

    Welcome fam and happy to have you on board
  4. Staff Update - 04/13/2018

    Welcome to the team all, sad to see others go.
  5. Updates of 04/12/2018

    Keep up the good work fam.
  6. Hello World

    Welcome fam.
  7. medic here

    Dope. Glad to have you around mate. Hope to see you in-game.
  8. Hi I'm Scorch.

    Welcome fam!
  9. :)

    Enjoying my time thus far working with you fam. And excited for the future!
  10. Hello all!

    Hey lads! Glad to have you all on board I do!
  11. Hello all!

    Hello everyone, My name is Castiel(Shawn). I am 23 years old and have been playing RSPS since 2008 and RS since around 2006. I have been staff on many servers, usually manager but have made my way up the ladder from Support all the way to Administrator/Manager. I have a wide variety of experience as far as RSPS is concerned. I like to think I am also a people person as more or less my IRL job consists of being a helper or moderator as I work in retail at the customer service desk. So a lot of what I ido for a living is very similar to what I do when managing and moderating an RSPS. I love music, singing, Marvel movies, OSRS, RSPS, Camping amongst other things. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you throughout the coming months! -Castiel
  12. Rebirth of Near Reality

    So pumped to see this project grow.