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  3. The time has come to launch our forums publicly. As this time has approached, it would only be fair to offer the former players of popular iterations of Near Reality a rank refund. To be within the bounds of a donator rank refund, fill the form below with the necessary information. The donator ranks are exactly the same as the Original NR. Form: Name on previous NR: Evidence of payment: Iteration of NR that rank was purchased on (nearreality.com, near-reality.com, etc): Evidence of rank purchase (receipt, etc) (PM an Administrator+ to keep this confidential): Many Thanks, Jeremy
  4. We are very excited to undertake this project and make the community proud. We understand a common understanding may be that this will be like any other NR remake but we can assure you that is not the case. We have a strong team with a solid core that will replicate in what we produce. As you can see, whilst we take into account the things that gave near reality it's proud status, we are honest in analyzing the need to not completely replicate it. As you can already see by the 1st changelog, we are serious about this endeavor and progressing forward this will only continue. Why make ‘another’ remake? We believe this is the perfect time for the coming of a near reality. We have watched as other remakes have tried, and those that continuously re-release due to a lack of ownership knowledge. We are different. We have a deep belief that there is no need to create an RSPS without the intention to create something and a team coupled with this. We have this in abundance. Other times remakes have failed due to the developers wanting to use vulnerable bases among other things, which we intend to swerve. Our game It is is very simple, this is not the original base. However, with developers skill and belief of emulating a successful remake, we will produce a replica with greater additions. Already we have started this process, and plan for a release soon! Rank Refund Our desire to recreate the community that once was so prominent; we are offering rank refunds given sufficient proof. A more detailed thread will follow this that will outline this process further and will be handled with great care amongst the management team. Final Statement Finally, I want to welcome you all with warm greetings. Whilst the project is young in its cycle, the release is soon, and bloodlust will follow this imminently. We are more than happy to receive constructive feedback, as well as suggestions. Keep them coming, it is our target to ensure this server remains community driven, which we intend to focus upon. Don't forget to join the official Near-Reality Discord!. Many thanks Jeremy