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  1. Skilling Guides - yes or no

    it would be great, the most usefull one is clues, get all clues into a forum topic will help everyone soo much
  2. Rebirth of Near Reality

    this will be so amazing! lets goooo
  3. Staff Update - 04/28/2018

    congratz all of you to be a part of the staff team, hope u all be active and do a great job
  4. Dakota's Introduction

    see you in wildy
  5. Listing Previous Updates

    amazing updates!
  6. Hello to all of you :D

    Hello, my name is Daniel, some of you probably know me as Ostburgaren ingame, from old nr aswell as some reworks that (failed). i am 20 years old and happy to be here hello to all of you! lets make this server great. IF YOU SEE ME AT DUEL TELL ME TO LEAVE, I AM ADDICTED<3