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  2. Updgraded item list

    Hey all, these are the differences between the normal items and upgraded thus far! Upgraded Weapon Normal Weapon  With much more to come!
  3. All Vs One V2 Waves!

    All Vs One V2 Waves! Kree'Arra Two Giant Roc's Jad Ice Demon Vorkath Justiciar Zachariah Glod Galvek Glod, Galvek and Jad Last but not least, the reward!
  4. All Vs One Waves!

    All Vs One V1 Waves! KBD Two Giant Roc's Lava Dragon Giant Mole Dagganoth Supreme Dagganoth Rex Dagganoth Prime Lizardman Shaman Two Lizardman Shaman Rev Knight, Rev Dragon and Dark Beast Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist Two Black Demons Bandos + Minions Zilyana + Growler Kree'Arra Two Giant Roc's (Again) Zamorak + Minions Chaos Elemental Ice Demon Callisto Warrior, Wizard and Archer Scorpia + Minions Cerberus + Revenant Hellhound Derwen Justiciar Zachariah Porazdir Vorkath Glod Galvek Last but not least, the reward!
  5. So you want 99 mining? Going through this guide will show you the quickest / most efficient ways to train up to level 99 prestige 5! We'll start off with the basics All your teleports will be in the teleportation menu -> Skilling -> Mining Pickaxes to use and where to find them Pickaxes can be found at the skilling store Level 1-6 Iron Pickaxe Level 6-21 Steel Pickaxe Level 21-31 Mithril Pickaxe Level 31-41 Adamant Pickaxe Level 41-61 Rune Pickaxe Level 61+ Dragon Pickaxe What to mine and when Level 1-15 Copper Ore (Varrock Teleport) Level 15-30 Iron Ore (Varrock Teleport) Level 30-40 Coal (Falador Teleport/Skilling area) (Unless you want a completely AFK method which ill put lower in the guide) Level 40-55 Gold (Falador Teleport/Skilling Area) Level 55-70 Mithril Ore (Falador/Skilling Area) Level 70-85 Adamant Ore (Falador/Skilling Area) Level 85-99 Runite Ore (Exclusive to 1250+ total level Skilling Area) Level 30-99 AFK Method (Rune Essence) I hope you enjoyed my guide, if you have any further questions dont hesitiate to respond to this post or message me ingame 🙂
  6. So you want 99 Runecrafting? Going through this guide will show you the quickest / most efficient ways to train up to level 99 prestige 5! We'll start off with the basics All your teleports will be in the teleportation menu -> Skilling -> Runecrafting How to get rune essence You can either purchase them from other players OR AFK mine rune essence in teleportation menu -> Skilling -> Rune Essence After acquiring rune essence we'll start gaining XP! Best Rune Altars to use Level 1-35 Air Rune Level 35-54 Chaos Rune Level 54-65 Law Rune Level 65-77 Death Rune Level 77-99 Blood Rune I hope you enjoyed my guide, if you have any further questions dont hesitiate to respond to this post or message me ingame 🙂
  7. So you want 99 Fishing? Going through this guide will show you the quickest / most efficient ways to train up to level 99 prestige 5! We'll start off with the basics All your teleports will be in the teleportation menu -> Skilling -> Fishing Nets / Cages and Harpoons Skilling store -> Equipment -> Large Net, Small net, Cage and Harpoon Best fish to fish 😃 Level 1-40 Shrimp Level 40-62 Lobsters Level 62-70 Monkfish Level 70-99 Shark Level 40-99 AFK Method Lobsters I hope you enjoyed my guide, if you have any further questions dont hesitiate to respond to this post or message me ingame 🙂
  8. So you want 99 prayer? Going through this guide will show you the quickest / most efficient ways to train up to level 99 prestige 5! We'll start off with the basics You'll want to use all your bones on our altar which acts as a gilded altar First of all, I'd like to say that I only recommend training prayer whilst the well is active, or double xp is activated. Bones are expensive, or may be a pain to obtain in mass quantities, so you want to make the most out of it when you have the bones. In this guide I'll be showing you the rates, and how to obtain bones efficiently. Without further adue, lets get into it. Dragon Bones XP on Altar : 22,680 XP on Altar w/ dxp : 45,360 Ammount of bones needed for 1-99 without well : 575 Ammount of bones needed for 1-99 with well : 288 Wyvern Bones XP on Altar : 29,925 XP on Altar w/ dxp : 59,850 Ammount of bones needed for 1-99 without well : 436 Ammount of bones needed for 1-99 with well : 218 Lava Dragon Bones XP on Altar : 26,775 XP on Altar w/ dxp : 53,350 Ammount of bones needed for 1-99 without well : 486 Ammount of bones needed for 1-99 with well : 243 Efficient ways to get bones The most efficient methods to get bones right now, consists of three methods, which are all very good, but with various pros and cons. 1. Green Dragons Green Dragons can be found in the wilderness at two different teleports, west and east dragons. West dragons is located at level 13, and will consist of three spawns close to eachother, making it ideal to farm. Another very good thing about killing green dragons is because of your ability to use the looting bag, allowing you to extend your trips further. East dragons has around 9 spawns, making abit more interesting, however, its located from 19 wilderness and deeper, so you'll often end up finding pkers here. This is the method you want to use if you want fast bones, on the cost of big risk. 2. Blue Dragons Blue Dragons are located in Taverly Dungeon, straight through the pipe at the teleport, which can only be used with 70 agility. I do not recommend this method if you do not have that agility requirement, as it forces you to run all the way around. Blue dragons have 30 more hitpoints than Green Dragons, so the kills will be slower, however, its not in the wilderness, so you can bring your best in slot gear and stack up bones pretty quickly here, if you have acsess to the shortcut. 3. Wyverns Wyverns are probably my favourite, and for quite a few good reasons. They have a pretty amazing droptable, they drop a big amount of skilling supplies, and have the chance of dropping a dragonic visage, which can be crafted into a dragonfire shield. They're also completely afkable! Their bones also yield the highest ammount of experience out of any of the dragons ingame right now, so if you're looking for profit, this is definetly your method. 4. Zulrah Another alternative, is Zulrah. Zulrah is a boss that can be abit challenging for some, but once mastered, its a piece of cake. The reason Zulrah is on this list is because it drops 30 dragon bones noted, pretty commonly. It also drops alot of other skilling supplies, but more notably, blowpipe, magic fang, serpentine helm, and uncut onyx, which can all be sold for huge summs. If you're looking for prayer experience, I wouldn't usually go here, but if you're looking for a relaxed way to get to 99, I definetly think this is a viable method. 5. Lava Dragons Lava dragons can be found in the bottom right hand corner tab with the "L" teleport signal you will teleport to 43 wilderness, these dragons will give you boss points ontop of the bones with a pretty formidable loot table so if you're looking to make some cash while grinding 99 prayer these are your monsters! I hope you enjoyed my guide, if you have any further questions dont hesitiate to respond to this post or message me ingame 🙂
  9. loc??

    We've moved to https://runity.io Join our discord to stay upto date with the release date.
  10. loc??

    where can i get back my title pin and ::di and ::die pin back??!?!?? do i need my picture proof again.
  11. Skilling Guides - yes or no

    it would be great, the most usefull one is clues, get all clues into a forum topic will help everyone soo much
  12. Rebirth of Near Reality

    this will be so amazing! lets goooo
  13. Staff Update - 04/28/2018

    congratz all of you to be a part of the staff team, hope u all be active and do a great job
  14. Dakota's Introduction

    see you in wildy
  15. Listing Previous Updates

    amazing updates!
  16. Hello to all of you :D

    Hello, my name is Daniel, some of you probably know me as Ostburgaren ingame, from old nr aswell as some reworks that (failed). i am 20 years old and happy to be here hello to all of you! lets make this server great. IF YOU SEE ME AT DUEL TELL ME TO LEAVE, I AM ADDICTED<3
  17. Dakota's Introduction

    Hope this server gets alof of players
  18. Donator rank refund

    Name on previous NR: Devry123 Evidence of payment: I do not have the evidence of a credit card purchase, because I bought it for In-game GP for Donor pin Iteration of NR that rank was purchased on (nearreality.com, near-reality.com, etc): If I remember then It was near-reality.com I played Drax's NR also Evidence of rank purchase (receipt, etc) https://gyazo.com/3dbee4aff1a93853e51dffca63a094fd
  19. Dakota's Introduction

    If I see you in the wildy I'm speccin you out kid
  20. Dakota's Introduction

    Hello all, my name's Dakota (which will be my in-game name as well). I've been known on a few servers through the years as Dakota or Pked U2 Fast. I'm 22 years old, from Pennsylvania but currently located in Texas due to my job. I look forward to working with the current staff and development team to bring the best playing experience possible to everyone. When I'm not working I'll most likely be online to play. Feel free to message or speak to me any time, I'm very friendly and would be glad to help with anything! See you all upon release!
  21. Staff Update - 04/28/2018

    Welcome everyone
  22. Staff Update - 04/28/2018

    Welcome to the team Mitch, gz to those who where promoted
  23. Near-Reality has been going through some recent changes with the nearing of our release, so with that being said, we have some new additions/removals to fill you in with. Promotions Mitch has been promoted to Developer Dripz has been promoted to Administrator Illusion has been promoted to Forum Administrator Asuna has been promoted to Moderator KingChills has been promoted to Server Support Demotions/Resignations Castiel has been demoted due to private circumstances Dr Phil has been demoted due to private circumstances We would love to welcome these guys to the team and wish the best of luck to those who are no longer with us. Kind Regards, Ruby
  24. Hey all <3 I have already started looking at specific skills so i was wondering if there was anyone who wanted to start doing skill guides - If so please say so as I will happily help - I know many people find them quite pointless as most people will know what to do for each skill at specific levels etc to get the best experience. I will most likely do plain guides and get the point right away .
  25. Listing Previous Updates

    Damn, Nice updates Keep them coming! Fornix,
  26. Listing Previous Updates

    Hey guys, you're probably wondering how did Adam get 4 hands and slow down time to be releasing two updates consecutively, Welp i wish it was true. Anyways I've decided to make our update's behind the scene's before we went public with our project since the amount of work done before is beyond astonishing. Anyways Here it goes. Note: Alot has been done... Alternatively, if you'd like to view it listed on the google documents, here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yPg2GLXIATt7rv4R0FdgKlCEMs_PEa2HjC6cxqwRYoA/edit Welcome To Nearreality.io Updates. This Project has been in Development for 3-4 Months. Updates Of 05/03/18 - Update Log #1 Implemented a drop catcher. How it works? Automatically Picks up loot, dropped by NPC’s. Pretty Self explanatory, picks up loots that players kill by NPC’s. This can also be used in the wilderness, to bank loots to ensure that if they are rushed, they will not lose the loot they have gained. *The Drop catcher is a protected item* and will not be lost on death. Shift Dropping I’m pretty sure you guys know how it works. Just hold on shift, and click on items on your inventory, it's a useful feature. Added Ctrl+v Feature. This is pretty basic, but i for one find this useful when i'm selling something. Literally, copy and paste works with our client. Hit CTRL + V, And it’ll send it out on the client, Started on Donator Only Quest: Spawn World. Set Up a spawn world, where everyone has ::item command And a lot of other useful commands, to spawn stuff. This will be key when working with youtubers, as they don’t gotta annoy your ass to set them up with mystery boxes, and items, and stats etc etc. They literally hop on World 2: And spawn away, for their video;s Drop Generator Implemented a drop generator. How it works? Let's say you wanted to camp a boss for about 100 kills. You can use this interface:D And it’ll predict/give the best accurate results it possibly can, and determine how much you can make off 100 Kills, i can make it precise but that would ruin the whole fun of PvM’ing so i kept it to a 40% Chance of the 100 Kills turning out exactly like that. Regardless it will still result into something similar Value wise at the end. Fixed Uncountable gates not sure why i did it, as probably 80% of them wont be used Our Biggest Batch Yet, this list has been worked on the past Three days. We plan to continue delivering update’s of these lengths. Fixed thee biggest combat bug that affected everyone, stats will now correctly be shown, and thus improve the combat grately. (One of our biggest combat setback’s has been resolved, now its time to tweak and improve eating ticks, and special attack ticks). Fixed Granite Maul Spec, it is now at the normal OSRS Special rate, same with DDS & Dragon Mace, Dragon scimitar now knocks off prayer overhauls when using its special attack. While Skilling, you have a random chance of being approached by a genie, who will offer you a lamp. IF that lamp is redeemed by the player or player(s) it will give them a random amount of skilling points varying from 2-10, It will also give 48-51k EXP Per Skill, They also have a ¼ chance of recieving a mystery box from claming/redeeming the lamp. Fixed the skilling area fishing spot, fixed the naming, and you now have the ability to fish for sharks in the skilling area. Edited the graceful store, and fixed it. Eating food and eating pots has now been increased, speed wise. It is based off 1 tick. Made mackarel Edible. EXP Rate’s for skilling have been adjusted, and as you prestige the EXP Rate will become significantly harder, however after 5 prestige’s your drop rate increased by 2%. Fixed the boo command, and stopped it from being abused. Doomslayer now costs 300k to retrieve. Made water, fire, air and earth rune packs stackable, allowing you to purchase more at a time. Added Dragon bolts (e) and Ruby Bolts (e) to the ranged store. Reduced the amount of points from kolodin’s minigame aswell as made it easier to complete the quest/minigame. Removed the option from teleporting using the max cape. Fixed the eternal glory bug, which was causing alot of bugs globally with being able to teleport.(edited) Trivia Point Revamp: Trivia point system, now give’s trivia points. Supreme Rank’s receive upto 3-4 Trivia Points upon answering a question, and donors receive 1-2. Also give’s 200-400k To a players bank vault. And a 1/60 Chance of winning AGS Or Claws from answering Trivia. Royalty Point interface, and its entire system has been discontinued, as it was dead content. Going to re-introduce the loyalty system we had on ragefire. Poll Booth will redirect to the forums poll booth. Elder Maul Accuracy formula has been fixed. Fixed ::Train command, ::gamble/::dice. Fixed a huge bug with store’s, has significantly improved purchasing items and selling them back. Chaos Fanatic combat formula has been adjusted, there is now a ⅕ chance that it will remove/disable your gear, this should make it alot easier to kill. Extra security was added Added more implings in puro puro. Pest control has been fully added Starter kit was changed Catching implings and butterflies has been re-written Autocasting now saves Added Puro Puro for hunter Tz-tok Jad has been greatly improved Fixed bug where items would be lost after depositing inventory & equipment Added new commands; kdr, home, train, kbd, gamble, heal, dice Content Updates Are As Followed: Free For All has been Fixed, and is now ready to test out. All that is left to do is create the gear presets. Last man standing, has been almost finished off. We’ve implemented the Fog, and packed the maps. And worked on the loot from it. Glod: Will Respawn every 3-6 Hours. Working on its Animations/GFX. Working on the OSRS Map Interface: https://gyazo.com/5e2d157bb7d5b37a1d77d835ab447898 Still in progress. Updates Of 06/03/18 - Update Log #2 Tournament Minigame/FFA (Finished.) Finished. Tournament starts every 6 Hours. Server automatically announces it, people can register themselves using the Tournament NPC. 30 Minute Wait time, before event is started. Players will be Asked to teleport to the arena, after 20 Minutes of the 30 Minutes Wait Time is over. Gear/food will automatically be supplied to those entering. Server will automatically pick opponents for those entering. Server will place arrowheads of targets, to alert players of whom they are going to fight. Point system has been created for Tournament Minigame, which they can spend on the tourny store. Once players Die, they turn into “ghosts” and are able to spectate their fellow peers/friends. Made it so that ghosts cannot stand over those fighting, so it does not get in the way/annoy others. Added two portals, one for forefit, the other for “Donators Only”. The second portal is called “Second Chance Portal”, where if a donator wishes to be “Re-incarnated, and have a second chance” they can do so, but they have to pay 10Mill, it's a good money sink, as well as a good perk/incentive for those wishing to donate. Tournament Minigame Interface finished. Was thinking of creating a interface, for those inside the tournament, and those who aren’t participating (as in those who are not inside the tournament who are just skilling etc) So they can view Who is left in the minigame. & who has won the minigame. Something like this: SO picture it like this, imagine something of that layout, that looks SEXY AF. But Runescape version. It’s lit boissss. Going to work on this tomorrow. Updates Of 08/03/18 - Update Log #3 Global Boss Event: Unfinished Voting is hard to get everyone to accomplish. But what if i we made a boss, that spawns after the server has reached a total of ‘Lets say 50+ Votes’. It spawns in the home area, il setup a little block for it to spawn, so it doesn’t look like a total cluster fuck. And it’ll be a safe boss, and multi. And will drop loot ALL OVER THE GROUND. Instantly as soon as it dies. Making everyone run around for it, we had it on ragefire it was something like this. LINK FOR EXAMPLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oaAwD5z-_w Watch this video, at 8:15 specifically. Ragefire players LOVED THIS It would legit drop items everywhere, for everyone to see all over the arena. And got us on #5 on most toplists, for about a week or two. People started vote botting to get the boss to activate. Let me know what you think spreaders & didy about this. Skilling Points Status: Finished How it works? After grinding and completing certain skills you’ll receive an X Amount of skilling points. Currently its set so that, after receiving 25 in a skill (level 25 on any skill( you’ll recieve X Amount of skilling points. And it goes up from, 25, 50, 75, 99. At which point you’ll gain skilling points for your accomplishment. Created a playersaving method to apply this onto the player files as it was inaccessible due to it having a ‘final’ data type placed on it, with the help of “kris from zenyte”, i’ve managed to access it, and increment points accordingly, and auto update it on the player save. Boss Points Status: Finished How it works? Players recieve an X Amount of boss points, after killing a certain boss, which can then be spent at the boss point store. Killing the harder bosses will give them a total of 5 boss points. Medium ones is 3 Easy ones is 1 Having a certain amount of boss point, players can redeem a 10% droprate increase scroll, that will apply 10% drop rate bonus for their rest of their lives. (This can only be used three times) Updates Of 08/03/18 - Update Log #3 Player Guide Interface Status: Finished How it works? An interface, that’ll list information helping players on how to get started, (money making guide’s/ecnomy explanation, giving players more insight on how we do things differently on our server). Blood key chest Status: Almost Completed (finishing touches) How it works? After killing bosses in the wilderness and players in the wilderness, they’ll drop a blood key. This is completely random. And then can be used on the chest at home for loot. Loot will have an interface, for all its possible loot you can get from it. The interface is in works. Updates Of 09/03/18 - Update Log #3 Last Man Standing Status: Finishing Touches left. How it works? Pretty much emulated after the OSRS Last Man Standing. So far Done: The lobby. The game, itself. Objects spawned at random locations all over the map. Reward Started on fog. Players wait in the lobby for 10 Minutes for players to gather, it requires 5 people for the event to start, once started all items will auto be banked before entering the lobby. Than, teleports players into the map at the center, where there are 5 chests in the centre, everyone will be placed in equal distance to the center chests. You’ll have a 10 seconds countdown timer before players can search for loot Players have a 5 minute safe timer, so no one can attack them during that period. Once it is over, the battle will commence, and players can start attacking others. Chests and random items will be dropped at random times during the game too, alongside the predetermined chests to spawn. Once there is only two players left, they will both have 1 minute to get as much loot as they can, before being forced to teleport to the center, and fight till the death. The winner will be announced and will receive his reward, and gain a title “LMS Victor”. Updates Of 13/03/18 - Update Log #4 Added money bags, 100m and 500m money bags: Link: https://gyazo.com/c43ccbdaa5bf48967f9797420ea68515 Mystery box rates have been modified Link: https://gyazo.com/ccd4ae315a93c5a0ff7533f4760edf6b Prevented most interface’s not being able to open whilst player is busy Added supreme Donator Rank. $1500 Donator Rank, the highest of them all, perks/benefits have already been done server sided, a full detailed description will be followed shortly. Fixed Gem Rock Mining Added item definitions for the #161 data Added npc definitions for the #161 data Fixed the search function on the price checker interface Link: https://gyazo.com/382af2215bcd1c64f170cea090c42291 PlayerGuide interface: https://gyazo.com/467647babca776448dfcfbf4d07326f0 Yes, im aware its incomplete literally just the finishing touches, will consist of information on how players can make money, voting, economy information, guides. Can teleport out of 30 wilderness with glory Skilling shop with skilling points mechanics has been added Boss Point Shop with boss point being implemented. Added hover interface over prayer, now tells you the description of each prayer and its level. Fixed the issue of bots dropping untradeables. Updates Of 16/03/18 - Update Log #5 Added Amulet of Eternal glory, pretty much similar to the normal glory, however it has unlimited teleports, and better stats, with a 5% increased drop rate Added new commands; kdr, home, train, kbd, gamble, heal, dice Fixed the issue with 30 minute player time, removed it. Fixed up the combat formula eating was to slow, increased ticks to exactly 600ms 5 for supreme, 1 for normal donator, and every rank in between gets the point additionally incremented by 1 Fixed dragon impling rewards Added Beta Rank, youtuber rank, Gfx artist rank; they all have king donator rights. Added Four new pets, they all come with special perks/abilities. Pet Name: Yoshi Pet Ability: Increases owner's drop rate by 10% & 20% on weekends. Image: https://imgur.com/a/l5e7Y Pet Name: Fallen God Pet Ability: Increases Owner's Special Attack by 10% & 20% On weekends. Image: https://gyazo.com/053b22167ae55fb484ee8468f142f439 Pet Name: Dragonkin Pet Ability: Can teleport Owner out of the wilderness, at any wilderness level and 20% special attack! Image: https://gyazo.com/9cadac4170d484a04b6352dcde3e1918 Pet name: Mourdat. Pet Ability: useless as shit, literally does nothing but looks pretty darn cool. Image: https://gyazo.com/5b5a9c99f2cedfa2cb79d3cb8c499610 Since we are planning to bring in LOADS of more new pets, with custom features and even possibly a pet upgrading system, where you can upgrade the perks/abilities of your pet. Updates Of 17/03/18 - Update Log #6 Adjusted the "examine" feature, made it more interesting It now links what the item value is, and its high alch value Added 20+ More Achievements, since we've brought in alot more new content Link: https://gyazo.com/906da30e065da95b5cf0284839f3f234 Edited the Enchantment Interface: https://gyazo.com/1f13544237874cbc6495e6cdf0c70b09 That's all the updates for today, i started this list around 3 hours ago. I know its not amazingly insane, but once this week is over, il be able to commit 10+ Hours daily towards development. We have a huge bug list to kill, and its growing everyday. I want you guys to keep finding them, please urge others to do the same. New boss added: Giant Roc / Tornado. Attack Styles: Fluctuates from Range And Magic. Max Hit: 67. Difficulty: 8 On a scale of 10. Description: it'll have a pretty fun story line and i plan to also include this monster in a quest. thinking of making a huge game of thrones related quest, and he can be sorta the night kings dragon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI5oC-IcjzE&feature=youtu.be Anyways aside from that, loads of bugs have been squashed. Focusing primarily on combat as of now, so do not expect much content related updates for the next few days. Updates Of 24/03/18 - Update Log #7 Bugs Patched, are as followed. Nerfed Vet'ion Nerfed Crazy archaeologist Fixed dragon scimitar knocking off overhaul prayers Buffed Twisted bow from 70 Range Strength to 90. Also Buffed Its Range Strength. Kolodin's minigame has been reworked, and is now easier to complete. Ket-Zek has been nerfed. you can assemble slayer helms. Fixed: "While Teleblocked you cannot use the obelisk." Kolodin's arena now teleports the players back to mage arena, when dead. Fixed issue with dragon mace special attack, attacking to fast. added ::stuck command Disabled Personal stores, until further notice. Fixed an issue with prayers being used in Safe-PVP. You can now assemble slayer helms. Fight cave has been re-done completely. This took some time. As it was written poorly first time around. Implementing the full 64 waves as we speak. Mage Arena Revamped TSOTD Has been adjusted, and it now releases toxin's, poising its enemies. Added Loads of useful commands for players and donators. Do ::commands ingame to view them. New content added. Introducing Mutant Tarn This is my update log of the past 2-3 days This list contains bug fixes and some new stuff Since @Adam [Blurite.io] is focusing on the big things I'm helping him out on the simple ones The list is not that big but i felt like its time for a new update log Let me start off with the bug fixes: You used to get like 50k tokkul in the fight caves minigame, this is now fixed and reduced to 3k The login message was a bit buggy, this is now fixed The items in Kolodion's store were very expensive, the prices have been cut in half To activate the Well of goodwill you had to put in atleast 5m to activate it, this has been buffed to 100m The crystal chest did not have any rare items, Uncut Onyx has been added to the rare droptable Reclaiming untradeables used to be 75k, which is too cheap. This has been buffed to 300k ::train has been fixed + teleportation message has been added ::gamble has been fixed + teleportation message has been added In the Teleportation Menu there were a few teleports without any pictures in them, most of the pictures have been added / redone Dragon/Ruby bolts (e) have been added to the Range store(edited) And to end off this update log, here are the new things I have added: PK bots were saying some regular stuff, I have re-done that. New pk names, titles & messages have been added. Trivia questions have been re-done partly When teleporting you were getting the wrong server messages, this has been fixed ::bandos has been added + teleport message has been added ::saradomin has been added + teleport message has been added ::aramdyl has been added + teleport message has been added ::zamorak has been added + teleport message has been added ::edge has been added for quick pk teleportation + teleport message has been added ::barrows has been added for quick teleportation + teleport message has been added Gamble teleportation has been added to the Teleportation Menu Edgeville PK area teleportation has been added to the Teleportation Menu Colored infinity has been added to Kolodion's store Now this one is a bit special: Using ::stuck will be written in the logs from now on I have made it so that everytime you use the ::stuck command, it will be written in the logs on the VPS This way we can get ahead of someone who is abusing it If you are caught abusing the ::stuck command your account will be terminated
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